James G. Skakoon

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“Measured Impact,” Mechanical Engineering magazine, January 2018. A feature article about the work in a Stanford University lab, directed by Professor David Camarillo, to characterize brain injuries using instrumented football mouth guards and sophisticated 3D modeling software. Read. Also published on line here.

“Ethics Revisited,” Mechanical Engineering magazine, March 2016. An article about Volkswagon’s diesel automobile pollution scandal and how engineers must guard against being complicit in corporate wrongdoing. Read.

“Restoration Avocation,” Minnesota Alumni magazine, Spring 2017. An article about two University of Minnesota professors of mechanical engineering who collect and renovate player pianos and other mechanical musical instruments. Link.

“At the border: A garden of peace or conflict,” Bismarck Tribune, August 13, 2012. An op-ed about how a 9/11 memorial in the International Peace Garden on the North Dakota/Manitoba border is out of place and inconsistent with the Garden’s purpose. Read.

“Introverts Rule,” Mechanical Engineering magazine, April, 2015. An article about the differences between extraverted and introverted thinking, and how this affects the work environment. Read.

 “Native Gardens,” Highland Villager, September 16, 2015. An article in a local newspaper about using native plants for home landscaping. Read.

“Think Like a Genius, Mechanical Engineering magazine, August, 2015. An article describing some of the keys to how smart people think. Read.